Security Nuances with Manager Based Hierarchy in Dynamics 365

Manager Hierarchy explained well with nice examples

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Manager Hierarchy was introduced way back with 2015 Online Update 1. And you might be wondering why this blog after years this feature has been introduced?

Well I can assure you, you won’t be disappointed after reading this blog. In this blog I will explain in detail the manager security nuances from my personal experience with project implementations and training. I am not going to explain how Manager security works. I am just going to explain the security nuances and how it works in multiple scenarios.

To explain my point, I have the below data set-up in my environment.

To put in simple terms, any of the records which does not meet the above four conditions is not affected by Manager Hierarchy. So the records which the reportee gains access due to his security prvileges (Business Unit/ Parent child/ organization) are not affected by this. Confused? Don’t worry. We will…

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