An overview of Dynamics 365: 2019 release wave 2 features available for early access

How easy it would be if there is an option to customize the opportunity close dialog box? How elegant it would look if the grid can accommodate more records? Can’t I have a Business Card scanner as a tool rather building it as a custom app? These are the few of the common questions or expectations that most of the consultants, business users, customers have when they use dynamics. Don’t worry, the recent update has got you all of these and many more wow features.

It is enabled by opting in to the updates in the Power Platform Admin center.

Opting in will enable all changed user experience updates for Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement, which will be enabled by default to everyone starting 2019 release wave 2.


Most of the early opt in features are end user impacting changes. Check out the “Enabled for” column in the early access features table to know the features that will roll out to the end users automatically in October 2019.

Microsoft Docs

The objective of this blog post is to highlight my personal favorites in these features in the Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement space. There is detailed information available on the, regarding the features in this release and other planned releases.


There are a lot of features released in major Dynamics 365 product suites as we, refer below for the detailed lists of features. You can also download the complete pdf file here.

Let us take a sneak peek of the features that I like the most, I have sorted them in the order that I liked the most at the top. Do share what are your favorite features in the comments :).

Business Card Scan:


*Business card scan feature will only be available in the US and EU regions.


Unified Interface grid has been optimized to improve density, allowing users to see more records on a single screen without feeling cluttered.

Now as users filter records in the view page, navigate to a record, and return to the grid, the filters on the grid are remembered.

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Customization of Opportunity Close dialog box:

Until now, the custom page was the only option to achieve this and it is available OOB from this release, oooh ooh!

  • Administrators can add fields such as Profit Margin, Winning Product, Competitive Advantage in the Close as Won form/dialog box of the Opportunity entity.
  • Administrators can introduce new client-side business validations or remove existing ones.
  • Administrators can choose between the non-customizable modal dialog experience (default setting) and the customizable form experience.
  • Sales reps can close an opportunity via the desktop or mobile app and provide relevant details required by their organization for closing the opportunity.


Enhanced the adding or editing Opportunity/Quote/Order/Invoice products experience:

Wasn’t the creation of multiple product line items was hard? Add, go back, add again and continue this which can be a repetitive task, it is now streamlined with the new Create and Add capability.


Simplified lead management experience

  • Auto populate contact and/or company-related fields when a sales rep selects an existing contact and/or account at the creation of a new lead.
  • Display notes and attachments captured by a sales rep when promoting a lead in the opportunity record after the lead is qualified.
  • Enable sales reps to qualify leads and quickly move to the next stage of the sales cycle


Manage email on the timeline wall:

Users can easily set email messages to show as conversation threads on their timeline wall, significantly reducing scrolling and clicks


Enhancements to lookup fields:

Gives users improved interactivity and consistency with the drop-down menu


Anchoring error notifications in Unified Interface

Users will be able to quickly navigate to a field on a form that has an error from a notification by simply clicking on the error message.


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