MVP Challenge 2021

Finally, I managed to finish the Dynamics 365/Power Platform #TheMVPChallenge.

This MVP Challenge is a Cloud Skills Challenge that’s designed for MVPs from all award categories to increase their learning, the challenge started on May 3, 2021, and ends on May 31, 2021. This challenge has been designed to focus in Microsoft’s 3 cloud platforms i.e. Azure Data & AI, Dynamics 365/Power Platform and Microsoft 365.

I started early with taking few learning paths but couldn’t make much progress in between due to tight schedule and finally, I’ve decided to spend my few weekends on this. As a result, it’s been a wonderful learning experience and I’ve learned a lot. Check out the learning paths I’ve completed as part of this challenge here.

Microsoft Learn has been improved a lot, packed with demo videos, virtual labs for ERP & demo slides, it’s just amazing.

My favorite learning paths

  1. ERP – this one was pretty much alien to me before I did these learning paths and I can definitely say, now, at least I know what products offer out of the box and the possibilities of them. Check out the virtual labs available as an exercise for these, it’s just amazing!

2. Accessibility – this is something I’ve been looking to learn for a while since the day I’ve attended some sessions from my friends and fellow MVPs, Ee Lane and Geetha Sivasailam on building Power Apps that is inclusive and accessible

If you are in progress or haven’t started, please remember, only 1 day left! πŸ˜‰

PS: This challenge is exclusive only for Microsoft MVPs but the learning paths are absolutely free and open to everyone 😍

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